Monday, April 22, 2013


Sunday April 21st 2013
Bradley Beach, NJ
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 Dream-catcher, dream-catcher catch me a dream,
Send it from the stars down on a moonbeam,
Weave it like gold gossamer.
Fill it with images, heavenly, bright,
To keep me contented all through the night,
Let it be a heart-warmer.

Let this world’s sorrows dissolve in a dream,
That no one should wake in cold sweat… and scream;
End terror and tyranny.
Let the world live in peace; no more blood shed,
Let starving millions be fully fed,
In freedom and harmony.

Dream-catcher, dream-catcher, where is my dream?
Is there some mercy in a "higher scheme",
A green meadow for a rest?
Or are we doomed in mayhem and bloodlust,
Where the wicked wins, no peace for the just…
Is this world merely a jest?

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