Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We started this blog as a way to express our love for fashion, letting others see what inspires us, so we can inspire them, but it turned out to be so much more. Creating footprints in the fashion world is where we’re headed and we’re not going to let any roadblocks stop us. We’re on a mission, a mission to succeed in doing what we love, waking up every day with a smile because this is our life. We want this blog to be a reminder of where we began and why we started this. We want to encourage others to pursue their dreams by seeing us chase ours. We’ve come so far already and this is only the introduction to a novel of fun and exciting adventures to come.
Found this quote and it made us think about what it meant to our life specifically. Our reason is our passion. Having passion in anything you do will bring you success. Our dad has definitely taught us that.

In Sight
Charles Ghigna
Close your eyes and look inside,
A mirror shines within;
To find where you are going,
First see where you have been.

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