Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A piece of our best friend’s heart was shattered when she lost her Dad this past December.  We never met someone so strong hearted and fearless as her but something so tragic can only make you lose yourself. That’s when God grants you the SERENITY  to except the things you cannot change & give you the COURAGE to change the things you can & WISDOM to know the difference.  Nothing is more precious than the time we have here, and although it can be rough, it’s the little things in life that makes it easier to get by. She prayed for a sign to let her know he was okay and a little bird flew around inside a closed building. Birds became that little bit of magic. One night she was driving around listening to the radio when she heard someone say “Love is like the wind you can’t always hear it but you can always feel it. Love, Jamie.”  Jamie was their father’s nickname.  His first birthday in heaven was dream-like. Hundreds of balloons disappeared into the sky that day.  She asked for a sign to let her know he received all the balloons and as she turned the corner there she saw a balloon in a tree. Mr. B now can look over his three lucky charms every day to watch and guide them.


  1. I love you girls so much! You both are truly amazing, and could not ask for better friends then you two!! You hold a very special place in my heart!!

  2. :D you ladies are something special thanks for being there for us and especially my sister ! Good luck with your dreams. Love you!